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Electric Box 2

Electric Box 2 game

If standard puzzle games just won't cut the Colman's (or American) mustard for you anymore, then tile-based sensation Electric Box 2 could be the saviour of your cerebral cortex. As a puzzle game that concerns itself with the physics of electricity and the use of a variety of related devices to solve the problem of bringing power from one location to another, Electric Box developed by Twinkle Star Games and sponsored by Candy Stand has the professional design and the logical basis that many puzzle games these days seem to lack.

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Interlocked game

Who doesn't love a good puzzle game? If the answer is you, then you must have taken a wrong turn at the last junction and are lost in a city of challenging puzzles of progressively harder difficulty whose completion in sequence comprises the fun of Interlocked. A deconstruction-based brainteaser game with no qualms about making your squirm and your axons active, Interlocked will test your skills of observation and spatial awareness to levels rarely experience in a flash-based game.

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Splitter Pals

Splitter Pals game

Some like to stack, others like to carefully construct, and occasionally people like to destroy, but Splitter 3 is for those that relish the art of splitting. Slice and cut your way through multiple trees' worth of wood in a series of puzzles that test your skills of reasoning and deduction in this delightful application of the laws of physics to entertaining ends.

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