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The Impossible Quiz 2 - Forget impossible, this incredible quiz is also downright implausible and frustratingly brilliant

Quizically Demanding

If you happen to consider yourself quite apt at pub quizzes, or perhaps quiz games in general (you may have given yourself a douchebag nickname like "quizmaster general", "Bucks Quiz", or "Let's Get Quizzical"), then you may wish to deflate your ego a little by getting yourself involves in the reality-reminder that is The Impossible Quiz series. The original title in the series burst forth onto the internet a good few years ago now but became an instant classic with its bizarre take on the genre, often playing around heavily with the meanings of the words and phrases it used to form its questions. The Impossible Quiz 2 marks a return for Slapp-Me-Do's work of quizzical genius.

Quizzy Make Feel Good

I wouldn't have been so lavish with my adjectives and general descriptions of The Impossible Quiz 2 if it weren't for its near-legendary standing in the quiz community (I assume such a community actually exists out there somewhere). While all of the boring people are out there playing extremely specific trivia-based snore-fests, the cool people are in the know about The Impossible Quiz 2, being dazed by its brilliance and also frustrated/borderline infuriated by its refusal to play by the conventional rules of the classic quiz.

The ways in which The Impossible Quiz 2 fails to play by the rules are numerous, but the main difference you will notice between this quiz and a regular one is that this one is extremelylight-hearted in its approach, purposely rough around the edges, and most importantly downright insane in its style. Though it mainly involves being asked questions and then answering them in the classic quiz style, the questions themselves are often purposely misleading in order to make things about five times harder than they would be if the game was being honest and up-front with the wording of its questions.

It Quiz What It Quiz

You'll mainly notice the frequent playing around with the wording and phrasing of many of the questions, with many of them being self-referential and others being somewhat literal, whilst a select few are downright devious in their misleading ways. For example, when the quiz asks you "How Many Letters in This Sentence", what it's really asking you is to count the letters in the word "Sentence". Other questions involve solving an on-screen puzzle that involves rolling your mouse over various things to see if anyof the multiple-choice solutions it gives you are genuine; you'll often find a hidden object in the question itself or in any one of the objects strewn about the screen. The iOS version of the game also has mobile-specific questions and extras to enjoy.

There are plenty of questions in the quiz to be getting along with as well, 120 in all, and each one as difficult to solve as the last, if not more so. This means that the game isn't easy to get through in one single session, increasing its replay value significantly. You'll find yourself having to restart frequently as well since you're only presented with a limited number of lives at the start, all of which you are guaranteed to spend on any one of the harder questions. It's essentially a case of memorising your previous answers and playing through the quiz again to reach the question you failed last time. Of course, some of the questions are actually reflex/reactions-based, which are more difficult to plan for and hinge on your ability to click a certain item or carry out a certain task in the manner described.

Quizery Business

It's difficult to really do The Impossible Quiz 2 justice without asking you to basically go and play it yourself. It's definitely unique in its style, a feature you'll notice from the outset as the Microsoft Paint-style visuals hit you in the face, and unashamedly so since this is obviously the look that the game's developer, Slapp-Me-Do (the link is for his DeviantArt page), was going for.

As well as the look and feel of the game, its sense of humour is apparent from the outset as well, with frequent jokes and asides making for a much more interesting experience than most other quizzes out there, even games that are equally as eccentric like This Is The Only Level. Don't take my word for it: play the game yourself, but remember not to take the game's word for anything as it's almost definitely going to be misleading you.